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Legal Strike one for Apple. Curling is a better sport anyway - the first end goes to Apple. The Cupertino company sued clone maker PsyStar for licensing and trademark violations and copyright infringement, only to be greeted by a counter lawsuit from PsyStar, who claimed Apple was a monopolist. U.S. District Judge William Alsup sided with Apple on the counter lawsuit Tuesday. In his 16-page decision Tuesday, Alsup ruled Apple's products don't constitute a market to dominate. As a consequence, Apple then can't be considered a monopolist, Alsup wrote. An Apple spokesman had no comment. A representative for Psystar couldn't be reached for comment. The original lawsuit is still running, so PsyStar can, for now, continue selling its clones.
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RE[2]: Uhhh
by mightshade on Fri 21st Nov 2008 01:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Uhhh"
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I just have to say this.

Recently, I was digging through a similar thread on an Apple news site. Crawling through 200+ comments, apart from 99% "PSYSTAR GO TO HELL"-like flames I encountered only a minor piece of actual information here and there.
So I must say, your comment was the most well-informed and the most informative on that matter I've read the last few days. Thank you.


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