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Hardware, Embedded Systems Nvidia and partners are offering new "personal supercomputers" for under $10,000. Nvidia, working with several partners, has developed the Tesla Personal Supercomputer, powered by a graphics processing unit based on Nvidia's Cuda parallel computing architecture. Computers using the Tesla C1060 GPU processor will have 250 times the processing power of a typical PC workstation, enabling researchers to run complicated simulations, experiments and number crunching without sharing a supercomputing cluster.
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Personal Supercomputer?
by Silent_Seer on Fri 21st Nov 2008 01:34 UTC
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Well how about a 72 core Mips workstation:

now that is something close to a supercomputer on your desk.

With that said, the above posts are correct, Nvidia's stream processors do outperform traditional CPUs on certain data parallel tasks. The key to achieving that is by coding specially for it.

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