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Novell and Ximian Two years ago, Microsoft and Novell inked a landmark deal on patents and Linux-to-Windows interoperability. According to Microsoft and Novell, it's a deal that has shown dramatic momentum in its second year, with a triple digit percentage increase in customers for a total tally of more than 200 customers. "I was surprised at the number of over 200 customers, so I actually went back and double checked it just to make sure," Susan Heystee, General Manager for Global Strategic Alliances at Novell told "That represents over 250 percent growth in terms of the number of customers that are part of the partnership which is really great. A real positive surprise has been the great customer momentum."
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RE[6]: Good for them.
by lemur2 on Fri 21st Nov 2008 03:15 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Good for them."
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Microsft has also pledged in those documents not to sue anyone who is a non-compensated developer, or anyone who contributes to the code used in OpenSuse. I would think that pretty much says they can't sue anyone.

There are a lot of people who do not fit into the category of "non-compensated developer, or anyone who contributes to the code used in OpenSuse". Most of the people in the world fit outside that description, actually.

If Microsft actually meant "we won't sue anyone as long as they don't sue us" ... then why didn't they just say "we won't sue anyone as long as they don't sue us" as Sun did?

Food for thought, surely?

If Microsoft had actually said "we won't sue anyone as long as they don't sue us", just as Sun did, what would be "in it" for Novell?

If there is actually something about this deal for Novell, some real benefit to be had, where Micrsoft has said "we won't sue you, or people who contribute to your projects" ... doesn't that strongly imply that Microsoft have effectively promised that they WILL sue other parties? If not so ... as I say ... what is in it for Novell?

Personally I believe there is no difference between the 2 covenants. Of course, I have been wrong and certainly will be wrong on things to come. Who knows..I will start to worry if Microsoft does something they have never done before, which is sue someone for any type of patent infringement.

I will start to worry when Microsoft start to try to charge people for running code that Microsoft didn't actually write ...

... oh wait.

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