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Novell and Ximian Two years ago, Microsoft and Novell inked a landmark deal on patents and Linux-to-Windows interoperability. According to Microsoft and Novell, it's a deal that has shown dramatic momentum in its second year, with a triple digit percentage increase in customers for a total tally of more than 200 customers. "I was surprised at the number of over 200 customers, so I actually went back and double checked it just to make sure," Susan Heystee, General Manager for Global Strategic Alliances at Novell told "That represents over 250 percent growth in terms of the number of customers that are part of the partnership which is really great. A real positive surprise has been the great customer momentum."
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Short term memories
by milles21 on Fri 21st Nov 2008 16:18 UTC
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I agree that the patent deal may have been a bad political move. However there are a few elements that people seem to constantly overlook.

1. OpenSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise are not the same, although they share some common code base they are not the same.

2. The patent deal was really intended to be beneficial in the enterprise real as an add-on to Novell's mixed offerings (edirectory, zenworks, OES)

Thes are the technologies that are benefiting from the agreement. If you look at Open Enterprise Server 2 SP1 you will see Windows Domain Services. This is not built into SLES, it is in the OES add-on. If you look at Zenworks you will see the ability to manage hyper-V this is built in to closed source not Linux. All of the technologies related to Microsoft are built into offerings that were never opensource or intended to be open. They have maintained from jump that they are a mixed source company.

That aside their contributions have been huge to Linux, and despite the preferences of Ubuntu, or any other distro's Novell's contributions are hugely beneficial. how quick we forget where compiz came from. Not to mention projects from Novell employees tomboy,banshee is quickly emerging as the standard and a host of other technologies.

Please identify where they are harming opensource by creating agreements with technologies that they never were going to opensource in the first place, and if they are not integrating them in Linux where is the harm.

The key here to remember is Novell offers more than Linux, Linux is the platform on which their closed source applications run, they benefit by enhancing Linux, they are not polluting it as some would suggest.

Lastly I don't see those critics handing back or stripping out Novell's contributions to Linux, I am not talking Mono I am talking all of them Kernel and all.

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