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Apple "After what were surely a few extra pots of coffee last night, Apple released iPhone OS 2.2, the latest update to its operating system for the iPhone and iPod touch. As with the 2.1 update just over two months ago, Apple administered a healthy dose of new features and fixes throughout the OS and a handful of applications, many of which we saw previewed over the last couple months. Let's take a look at the most significant changes, some appreciated polish, and recap what's still missing."
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RE[2]: no MMS: ridiculous
by akrosdbay on Mon 24th Nov 2008 07:12 UTC in reply to "RE: no MMS: ridiculous"
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""sorry, send me the text by e-mail, I cannot read your message, I have just changed my old Nokia for a brand new f..g iPhone".

I'm not a phone person. I personally detest cell phones, and just replaced my dead Nokia 6010 with... nothing. And haven't looked back. But even from my rather non-demanding position, if what you say is true, I would have to conclude that the iPhone is the phone for people with more money than sense.

Why because sane people pay large sums of money to send a few pictures across a protocol that was designed to make more money for the phone companies, instead of using some thing free like email?

I have owned numerous phones with MMS and Cameras and have never once sent or received a MMS message. I surely must be insane and know only insane people.

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