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Hardware, Embedded Systems Last month we covered an article titled, "MSI: Wind Doing Well, Linux Version Not So Much" which revealed that Linux MSI Wind netbooks saw a return rate upto four times higher than the Windows equivalent. But in a recent interview with the CEO of Asus he revealed that Linux and Window versions of Asus Eee PC have similar return rates. He also described the plans for 2009 and talked about some changes to come in the Operating System for the netbooks.
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Netbooks are too small
by perspectoff on Mon 24th Nov 2008 08:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Stephen!"
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I bought a widescreen Toshiba Laptop on sale for $349, about the price of a netbook.

It had Windows Vista Home Premium on it. I shrrank the petition and installed Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex, which works much, much faster and with tons of free software and cool games (Nexuis, etc.) It is also compliant with my open-source groupware server.

Why would I want a small-screen, small keyboard underpowered notebook for the same price, no matter what the OS was?

It's always possible to find less than bleeding edge hardware on sale -- and installing Kubuntu Linux these days is a snap, no matter what the hardware (I did it on an 8 year old laptop last month).

The reason for netbook returns is because they're small.

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