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Legal "Federal district judge Dale A. Kimball has handed down the final judgment in the SCO case. The decision dismisses SCO's latest claims, grants declaratory relief to Novell, and sustains the court's previous judgment that SCO owes Novell over $2.54 million (plus interest) for unjust enrichment."
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RE[4]: serves them right
by lemur2 on Tue 25th Nov 2008 06:42 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: serves them right"
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Some of SCOG's remaining employees are still doing respectable technical work on OpenServer 6. Or they were, at least, up through a year ago when the latest stable version was released. Not everyone quits their job because their employer insulted Linux.

It was more than that ... the lawsuits were a shameless attempt to destroy Linux and FOSS ... which in turn represent the collected efforts of 1.5 million + developers over many years. The lawsuits were an attempt to appropriate the works of others, and if not appropriate them then destroy them.

That is a thoroughly despicable act, and worthy of far more contempt than mere words can express.

I'd imagine that those SCOG employess had been offered shares to stay on ... a ticket in SCOGs litigation lottery if you will ... I can't think of any reason any self-respecting technical person would choose to stay otherwise. They had 4+ years worth of opportunity to leave.

I'd say that Openserver 6, and the careers of those who continued to work on it, are as much toast as that Mercury-like planet I mentioned a while ago.

A thoroughly deserved outcome in all respects IMO.

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