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Legal "Federal district judge Dale A. Kimball has handed down the final judgment in the SCO case. The decision dismisses SCO's latest claims, grants declaratory relief to Novell, and sustains the court's previous judgment that SCO owes Novell over $2.54 million (plus interest) for unjust enrichment."
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RE[6]: serves them right
by Valhalla on Tue 25th Nov 2008 09:02 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: serves them right"
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Well, I agree with sbergman that it's a damn shame that the individuals who started this circus are left practically unharmed. Maybe they were able to initially fool themselves that they actually had a case, but obviously they must have realized they didn't when they couldn't offer any shred of evidence to support their case or when they realized they DIDN'T EVEN OWN the Unix copyrights, which was the whole base of all their litigations. Yet they continued to make pretense in the media of having a winning case. Can anyone say stock scam?

Atleast 'analysts' like Enderle, Lyons suffered big dents to their credibility due to their non-fact based statements regarding the SCO case (O'Gara didn't have any credibility to begin with so nothing lost there) and how they were going to win. Lyons atleast later admitted having been a fool for believing in SCO despite the lack of any evidence whatsoever. Enderle on the other hand tried to put the blame on the litigators lack of experience, ignoring the fact that there was no case whatsoever to begin with.

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