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Internet & Networking A common problem for web developers - but some users as well - is that of websites that work in one browser, but not in another. Some websites are (still) 'optimised' for Internet Explorer, but with the popularity of other browsers reaching ever greater heights, the problem becomes apparent to more users. A new browser from Japan, called Lunascape5, tries to address this issue by allowing you to seamlessly switch between three different browsing engines (IE's Trident, Mozilla's Gecko, and Safari/Chrome's WebKit).
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Comment by h1d_
by h1d_ on Tue 25th Nov 2008 16:25 UTC
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Why is it that interesting? Sleipnir [ ] (another Japanese IE wrapper browser) has been doing trident/gecko for ages and Firefox has IE tab extension.

And secondly, like the above poster said, it's not even as good to pretend one has tested on the said browser engine on top of Lunascape... It's just the engine, Lunascape may have its own bug on one of the engine handling that may or may not appear on the native browser or Luncscape may not use 100% capability of the chosen engine to start with...

And hell, chrome's JS engine isn't webcore's... This is such a dangerous suggestion by this article to any new web developers to pretend if the web site works on Lunascape it works on most browsers fine.

Good for advertising there are more browser alternatives, but not for a web development, except for some cheap developers who can't take the time to install couple other browsers.

And by the way, article sounds like Lunascape came out of nowhere being alpha right now, but that also has been around for ages, just not that popular.

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