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Internet & Networking A common problem for web developers - but some users as well - is that of websites that work in one browser, but not in another. Some websites are (still) 'optimised' for Internet Explorer, but with the popularity of other browsers reaching ever greater heights, the problem becomes apparent to more users. A new browser from Japan, called Lunascape5, tries to address this issue by allowing you to seamlessly switch between three different browsing engines (IE's Trident, Mozilla's Gecko, and Safari/Chrome's WebKit).
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by h1d_ on Tue 25th Nov 2008 16:35 UTC in reply to "Comment by h1d_"
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Looking at the Lunascape site, I don't like that they are boasting about being 'fastest' by using the engine that they never even wrote... And why isn't safari listed in the graph anyway?

This browser has never won market share in Japan against Sleipnir and putting alot of shiny advertisements about being fast and complete and cool and everything just makes it look like it stopped competing technically.

But I do hope for their best to make good browsers.

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