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Apple Apple isn't exactly known for catering to the lower end of the market, but so far, it doesn't really seem to have slowed them down much. They are selling more Macs than ever, and especially in the ever-growing notebook market, Apple is very successful. However, with people all worried about possible economic downturn, and with the success of cheap, small laptops (netbooks), people are starting to speculate if Apple will enter the netbook market.
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by Chezz on Tue 25th Nov 2008 23:19 UTC
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Acer ONE? Eee PC?
I think they are expensive. Eventho they have tiny screens and all that crappy hardware. I think they are expensive. If the netbook apple creates has comparable hardware then I would buy one. Otherwise I am not interested at all in the netbook market. I have monitored all netbooks out there for a possible purchase but all the one's I saw are expensive compared to the hardware provided. Why would I pay 350 US dollars for a netbook that has 512MB ram and 4GB hard drive? What can you run on these specs? Can you give a presentation? can you play youtube HD videos?
What is the purpose of buying a netbook if you can do similar things using an iPhone for example?

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