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Apple Apple isn't exactly known for catering to the lower end of the market, but so far, it doesn't really seem to have slowed them down much. They are selling more Macs than ever, and especially in the ever-growing notebook market, Apple is very successful. However, with people all worried about possible economic downturn, and with the success of cheap, small laptops (netbooks), people are starting to speculate if Apple will enter the netbook market.
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RE: Netbooks
by tdemj on Wed 26th Nov 2008 00:30 UTC in reply to "Netbooks"
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Not all netbooks are limted to 4GB SSD (many have 12GB SSD, some have 60GB HDD). Yet as a software engineer, no, I don't find netbooks very attractive for any type of work that I do. As far as I can tell, it's too inconvenient for the average business people as well (they do a lot of typing).

The main reason for a netbook is to bridge the gap between the iPhone (pocket device) and the 12" portable notebook. That is, when extreme portability is the most important requirement, but you still need a full-blown computer. It's a huge compromise for sure. I personally don't mind carrying a slightly larger 12" tablet PC, which can do almost everything, and is only twice as heavy as a netbook (much more expensive, though).

As a hobby photographer, I used to consider buying a netbook, mainly to use it as a beautiful 9" portable display. It's fairly limited, however. The resolution is way too low. They're not powerful enough to handle 12mp RAW images, over 6MB each (let alone photo editing). They don't have compact flash readers built in. The latest cameras have very high pixel density displays with fast zoom, scroll and RGB histogram, so I decided I couldn't justify a netbook. The traveling photographers buy very light notebooks with a more capable processor -- for the cost many times higher than a netbook.

However, a netbook tablet PC would change the situation. What I'd like Apple to release is a tablet that actually works. I have seen videos of the ModBook, and Vista wins hands down when it comes to the usability of the tablet features (I'm talking about inking here, not about OS X in general). But apparently even this market is too limited for Apple to concentrate on.

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