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Legal As most of you will know, Microsoft is currently involved in a class-action lawsuit about the company possibly misleading its customers about which computers could run Windows Vista. The story goes that when Microsoft delayed Windows Vista they allowed computers makers to label existing stock as "Vista Capable", even though these computers could only run the basic, Aero Glass-less version of Vista. The most recent development is that Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer will be questioned under oath.
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RE[2]: It's true
by Nalle on Wed 26th Nov 2008 08:00 UTC in reply to "RE: It's true"
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Personally, if the machines run any version of Vista, they are Vista capable. Whether they can run all the bells or whistles or not is an entirely different matter.

I do not agree. Microsoft used a lot of money and resources telling people how nice all those «whistles and bells» was and that that would be the new way of thinking desktop altogether.

Then they allow «Vista capable» -stickers to be placed on computers not able to use the new, fantastic features. I know I'd be pissed off if I was fooled that way.

As far as I know only computers that met Microsoft requirements were branded as «Vista capable», so the one to blame is Microsoft for that.

Vista is also the only operating system known to have this problem, so one cannot say that the users are whining. If that were the case, Microsoft would never have survived Milennium Edition at all!

Nalle Berg

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