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Legal "Federal district judge Dale A. Kimball has handed down the final judgment in the SCO case. The decision dismisses SCO's latest claims, grants declaratory relief to Novell, and sustains the court's previous judgment that SCO owes Novell over $2.54 million (plus interest) for unjust enrichment."
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RE[7]: serves them right
by DrillSgt on Wed 26th Nov 2008 17:47 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: serves them right"
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"Get real. A secretary or a beancounter can walk into a normal, saner company right across the road tomorrow without a second thought."

Not true, at least not in the US currently. Or haven't you noticed the unemployment rates and lack of new jobs? What company are they supposed to walk into making the same money, which counts out that it is possible if they would like to ask if you want fries with the burger?

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