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Mono Project Build applications for Linux while maintaining cross-platform capabilities using .NET languages.
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Mono has to be one of the biggest wastes of OSS developers time, ever.
Mono is the last chance to survive of OSS in the future. Without mono the linux-line will disappear in the next 5-10 years.
The platforms is always fighting, and the weapon in this fight the API-s and development environments. Until now, the main API of windows was the win32 API. It is not the best thing, it is based on very old win16 API from the DOS age. The enemy of windows is the linux with many incoherent, redundant, unstable, but more modern little libraries, desktop environments (paralell KDE, GNOME, XFCE, ICEWM, etc - if anything wastes the OSS developers time...), and the legacy of unix - POSIX, X11, binutils, etc. And java. This forces are in balance. But the .NET will change the power relations: this is a complex, coherent, well-designed class library and powerful, language-independent, safe, processor-independent runtime environment with JIT support. And with a very powerful development environment.

Let see it with the professional developers (or customers) eye. On the one side the 95% of the market, 95% of the applications with a very powerful development environment and with a very big, reilable company, and on the other side the 5% with many uncoherent libs, slow and unreilable scripting languages, but it is free.

The companies creates multi-platform applications if it is not claim too many resources, but the 5% of market is not too important if it need additional 100% resources. And the first is the customers. If you can create better applications in 100 programmres hour with .NET then java and you choose java the 95% of customers will be very disaffected, the remain 5% will be very happy. It is not a too good business...

Let see the prices: the JDK, JRE and Eclipse is free. This is very good. Linux, Tomacat also free, it is also very good. But if you want a really powerful solutinos, you must buy oracle, ibm, etc server stuffs - and this things are NOT free.

And let see the future: who is behind the java ? Only the SUN. Nobody else. IBM, Oracle, etc supports java - but this companies also supports .NET. Yes, there are FOSS implementations of java - gcj, kaffe, etc, but the legal state of this implementations not better then mono. M$ and SUN agreed with their patent portfolio, but this areement probably not stood to independent java implementations.

In a nutshell: if FOSS (and especially the linux) want to survive they must implement mono - and hoping for the best but excepting the worst - or create a totally new and far far better development environment. But in this case the survive is a little bit dim, because the most of companies will support .NET instead of this little bit sandy new platform.

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