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Hardware, Embedded Systems Netbooks are still all the rage these days, but according to Intel, this is going to change soon. The company has stated that they first thought that netbooks, who are almost exclusively powered by Intel chips, would be for emerging markets, but as it turns out, they are especially popular in Europe and North America. Intel claims that while these devices are "fine for an hour", they are not something for day to day use. And AMD? They are ignoring the market altogether.
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not too surprising
by Hussein on Fri 28th Nov 2008 20:34 UTC
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Are netbooks really an emerging market? to me it seems but a niche. I personally wouldn't buy one, too small and too limited, they are disposable items. It seems to me that in the long run it's more logical and probably even cheaper to buy a well-equipped laptop.

A lot of people have been betting on netbooks to help GNU/Linux to grow in marketshare, and GNU/Linux to make CPU architecture irrelevant. For the most part that still hasn't happened, or it is happening at a slow rate. Once Microsoft gets its act together, they'll bring to the netbook niche more than just XP, which will mean for the most part the netbook niche will be dominated by x86 processors.

That and Loongson is nothing special, as I understand it is a MIPS-clone with some x86-like circuitry for limited x86 compatibility. Better processors came before at times when x86 were really lacking, yet they are virtually gone. x86 is here to stay!

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