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KDE The KDE team has released the first beta of KDE 4.2, slated for release coming January. Quite a lot of new features have been added, as well as lots of bug fixes and performance improvements. This release also makes a lot of strides to feature parity with KDE 3.x, by adding those small little features that KDE 3.x users are barely aware of, but which were missed in KDE 4.0/4.1, such as taskbar grouping, multiple rows in the taskbar, panel auto-hiding, a traditional icon desktop through 'full-screen' foderview, and so on.
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RE[6]: speak for yourself
by aseigo on Sat 29th Nov 2008 00:47 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: speak for yourself"
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"Namely that KDE4 is taking so freaking long to become usable? What is it? Three years?"

It's been less than a year since the first release, Plasma itself started taking real shape maybe 6 months before that, with the time leading up to that being spent working on the Qt4 porting, kdelibs organization and merging things like Solid and Phonon.

your negativity and purposeful positioning of things in the oddest ways just to be harsh is really disturbing.

you were a huge critic, i know, and maybe it's a little galling to watch things actually come together. i mean, now you're bitching about how long it's taking? yeesh.

and yeah, go look the Plasma changelog for the last four months and then maybe consider backing off from the chest pounding just a little bit.

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