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Debian and its clones Two companies previously mentioned as being involved with the project, Mandriva and Turbolinux, appear to not be participating at this time. Progeny Linux Systems continues to leading the way.
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great journalism!
by AdamW on Wed 13th Jul 2005 05:09 UTC
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Wow, fantastic journalism from eWeek.

First, they post a story:,1895,1834942,00.asp

Attributed to 'sources close to Mandriva, Progeny and Turbolinux' (ah, sources close to, that old chestnut), claiming that they will be involved in developing this whizzy new distribution - with absolutely no official confirmation from MDV or Turbolinux. A couple of days later, they post another story:,1895,1836184,00.asp

headlined "Mandriva, Turbolinux Step Back from Debian Core Project" (the title of this story on OS News), as if the previous story had been corroborated fact, and we (MDV) and Turbolinux were now changing our minds. Then, to try and cover up this great piece of journalistic fudging, they change the headline to "Details Emerge about Debian Linux Plan", without printing a proper apology or correction or anything. Bang up job there, eWeek - gives me great confidence in your journalistic smarts. If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say this whole thing has been Ian Murdock stirring the rumour pot, again. Just look at his quotations in the second story, which read remarkably like an attempt to backtrack on something he said earlier but which was not directly reported. Pity eWeek fell for it hook, line and sinker.

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