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Legal The legal back-and-forth between Apple and clone-maker PsyStar continues to develop, with the latest news being a move by Apple - the Cupertino company has invoked something with many already predicted Apple would call upon: the DMCA, or the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. This was done in an amendment to the original suit, filed in July this year.
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by Darkmage on Wed 3rd Dec 2008 09:12 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Darkmage"
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dundun dun.... except you CAN sell the book unmodified with a nice little booklet with notes and addendums that contain changes and corrections, and that is EXACTLY what psystar is doing. They're not giving you a copy of osx that's been hacked and patched, they give you a complete osx install disc that's unmodified. What is modified is maybe the kernel and bootloader on the machine itself. I've booted up osx86 many times and the way they normally hack it to boot now is to edit the bios of the machine and not the kernel of the mac os itself. At any rate AFAIK the kernel is not under a do not redistribute license... But that should be irrelevant anyway since you're really messing with the bootloader/bios layer not the OS layer.

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