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Legal The legal back-and-forth between Apple and clone-maker PsyStar continues to develop, with the latest news being a move by Apple - the Cupertino company has invoked something with many already predicted Apple would call upon: the DMCA, or the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. This was done in an amendment to the original suit, filed in July this year.
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They are selling illegal clones (fake Macs).

No they're not, they're selling commodity hardware with a perfectly kosher copy of OSX pre-installed. It's not the same as a clone.
Just because there's a clause in a EULA saying "you cant do X" that doesn't mean it's a valid contract clause. What if it said that you have to give your first-born child to medical research? This is why we have contract law.
It is also worth noting that violating an EULA is not illegal, it's a contract violation.

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