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Legal The legal back-and-forth between Apple and clone-maker PsyStar continues to develop, with the latest news being a move by Apple - the Cupertino company has invoked something with many already predicted Apple would call upon: the DMCA, or the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. This was done in an amendment to the original suit, filed in July this year.
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I still see no problem to that... they were overpriced and underpowered compared to the clones.... oh wait, isn't that the same thing as Apple? Where is IBM now? Oh wait, they're still around and still doing major things in the industry.

Oh not another Apple is way more expensive excuse? Sorry but that no longer holds up. Blah, blah, blah, we all know we can get a PC that is dirt cheap. But you get what you pay for. Show me a comparable laptop to the MacBook, just released, for the same or cheaper money. What? can't find one that looks as cool, and has the same specs, not to mention the bright LED display? Sorry but I'll save you the trip, it doesn't exist as I have tried. Sure you can get close, but it won't be an Apple and will not have the fit and finish and all the other things that make a Mac a Mac and not some wannabe PC.

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