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Editorial Songbird is a new open-source music player that has this week landed at 1.0. Songbird is described as a "web player"- a music player for this modern, connected era. It blends the web-rendering core of Firefox (Gecko), with the media capabilities of GStreamer- a cross-platform, open-source media playback engine.
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Worth keeping an eye on.
by Howie S on Thu 4th Dec 2008 20:20 UTC
Howie S
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I tested songbird back in the 0.7x series. What appealed to me wasn't so much that it did what other open source media players did, but that it did so *elegantly*. The interface is just so much more polished IMO than condenders like Amarok and even Banshee. As well, it's Firefox-like system of add-ons is simply amazing, and sets it apart from the rest. There were a few flaws - like not being able to change the chrome's default font size - which I imagine will be addressed in time.

More to the point, the Songbird team seems actively interested in getting user feedback. One time I launched Songbird, and it asked me if I wanted to participate in a short survey. I happily did, and even filled out the comments section at the end with a few of my suggestions. The fact they've built user feedback right into the application they're trying to improve shows great insight into how community-driven software projects should be run. Bravo.

My one point of concern is their backend: SQLite. Amarok has moved away from SQLite, in favor of Mysql(e). Like MechaShiva I also have a large digital music collection. I don't see the appeal in moving to an inferior indexing database. If perhaps, like Amarok 1.x, Songbird would at least give the *option* of using an external Mysql database, I could be persuaded to try it once more.

I am also a bit suspect on the stability of XUL-based applications, but maybe that's something I just need to get over.

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