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Microsoft The month of December has already been unkind to Microsoft. The software giant's Windows operating system and its Internet Explorer browser saw significant market share drops reported on back-to-back days. Not only was the November percentage drop for Windows the biggest in two years, but Windows market share dipped below a number where it has historically held tight: 90 percent. According to Web metrics company, Net Applications, Windows market share as of Dec. 1 is 89.6 percent. Meanwhile, Mac OS X posted its largest gain in two years, with 8.9 percent market share at the end of November.
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2 Ways of looking at this...
by centos_user on Thu 4th Dec 2008 23:32 UTC
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People most of the time do not like change, if that was not the case why is Microsoft marketing so hard right now trying to sell Vista?

Next up, why is Microsoft trying to release Windows 7 next year? Maybe it is because they know people do not like Vista and they are trying to re-invent Windows again. The same problems occur with Windows Operating Systems, Virus/Spyware and the cost of dealing with all of these service interruptions.

In the case of a Mac or a Linux distro the end user is not in the grip of having to worry about Virus/Spyware or constant unstable operating system worries as with Windows variants. People can say what they will however, Mac/Unix/Linux distro's do not have the inherent flaws that the Windows Operating System carries from one version to the next.

I would say no matter how small someone thinks 10% is given time erosion can bring down a mountain with more rain. Look at the Server market Microsoft use to command a big portion with Windows NT, since those days it has lost market share, and look at the use of Apache vs IIS. I would not put all of my eggs in one basket, I would have never have thought GM, Ford and Chrysler would be near bankruptcy either.

One day what you own comes home, and one day Microsoft may find itself in troubled waters financially. Nothing is forever, and change is a constant.

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