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3D News, GL, DirectX Anand Lal Shimpi, founder of, had the opportunity to sit down with Carrell Killebrew, Eric Demers, Mike Schmit and Mark Leather, collectivley known as the designers behind the current crop of AMD graphics chips, and quiz them about how the RV770 graphics chip came about. In the article, Anand recounts the history that influenced the chip's design and the obstacles that were overcome from his two hours meeting with the design team.
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by kloty on Fri 5th Dec 2008 22:00 UTC
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Being chip designer myself I can only confirm that behind every chip there are lot of ideas, lot of work, lot of passion, lot of brightest minds, who spended nights and weekends to get the design out in time. GPUs are the most complex designs in the industry with much shorter life then CPUs, so it is an absolutely incredible management and development piece of work. Just think of the progress in the computer graphics in such short time, which was enabled by NVidia and ATI. So cudos to both companies and its engineers.

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