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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Is Windows 7 leaning too much towards the Mac side of life? Many Microsoft bloggers are saying that it does, that Windows 7 is too much "form over function", something they accuse Apple of. While superficially they may have a point, the differences between Windows and Mac OS X are still glaringly obvious. Are a few changes to the taskbar enough to make Windows OS X-like? Bloggers like Mary-Jo Foley, Paul Thurrot, and others seem to think so.
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Well, this is just my take, but I think it's because Apple tries to be most things to most users, instead of all things to all users. They don't try to bundle everything under the sun, rather they try to focus on what the average user will use the device and/or software package for and implement that well. The other side of the equation, and equally important, is that they don't assume their users are idiots--the interface is simple, but you don't have a ridiculous amount of help balloons or wizards coming up every step of the process and annoying the living hell out of you. You also don't have tons of options buried behind twenty layers of task-based buttons like in Vista for example. They design their software like a well-crafted tool--to help you get the job done, but not to do it for you or to get in your way. Likewise with devices such as the iPod and Apple TV. Just my take on it, anyway.

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