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Microsoft The month of December has already been unkind to Microsoft. The software giant's Windows operating system and its Internet Explorer browser saw significant market share drops reported on back-to-back days. Not only was the November percentage drop for Windows the biggest in two years, but Windows market share dipped below a number where it has historically held tight: 90 percent. According to Web metrics company, Net Applications, Windows market share as of Dec. 1 is 89.6 percent. Meanwhile, Mac OS X posted its largest gain in two years, with 8.9 percent market share at the end of November.
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Coral Snake
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Actually I Just went back to Windows too because I had to get a new computer. Rather than putting Linux into it (because I'm on dial up and all my CD distros are out of date) i decided to give the Windows Vista Home Premium OS that came with it a spin and I THOUGHT I WAS STILL RUNNING LINUX.

As a forinstance I play with the command line a lot and in vista with the exception of the old fashion C:> prompt the console ran just like the Konsole app under KDE in my old Mandrake distro even to the point of being able to use the arrow keys to go back to previous stored commands and erasing mistakes in t command from anywhare in it.

THe basic Windows Vista system was also essentially multi user like Linux too with an Administrator who is the only one who could install software and run certain kinds of software and unpriveleged users who could just use software after it was installed.

Even Internet explorer has gotten up to the Linux/MacOS-X times and now supports tabbed Browsing.

So I still think we will have a monopoly in Computing
Not of a single OS manufacturer anymore but of a single OS design. Windows is now Multi User and supports a powerful Command line and Tabbed Browsing,
with a powerful "Eye Candy" desktop environment. OS-X is based on the BSD and the Apple desktop which is Multi User and supports a powerful command line and Tabed Browsing with a powerful "Eye Candy" desktop.
and Finally Linux has always had a Multi User system and supported tabbed browsing in TWO "Eye Candy" desktop environments (KDE and GNOME).

Basically what all this ammounts to is all the popular OSs are now exactly alike.

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