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Novell and Ximian It kind of slipped underneath our radar last Friday, but Novell has released its financial earnings figures for the fourth quarter. While the company still shows a loss of 16 million USD (compared to 18 million during the same quarter last year), individual divisions of the company are doing quite well, with only two of them showing losses. Total revenue was 243 million USD. Interestingly enough, the company's Linux business is doing very, very well.
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Novell is too big a dinosaur, with too much legacy-think, to do as well.

I agree with that somewhat. I think there are still elements at Novell that are quick to release a product and put some lame brained time bomb or limited functionality on the product until it's purchased. Teaming, application virtualization, patch management are examples of this. Those are barriers to entry for anyone to touch most of this stuff, which is actually really good software more times than not. In the "enterprise" realm, Novell has some offerings that nobody in the Linux realm can even touch. Unfortunately for Novell, their real competitor in these market segments isn't Red Hat, it's Microsoft. The common phrase has been for years, 'has anyone ever gotten fired for migrating to Exchange and Active Directory'?

Overall, I think Novell has improved since 2003. At the very least, us legacy NetWare shops have a way out that doesn't involve primary domain controllers or any design scheme as clunky as that. They need to pull their heads out of their rears when it comes to selling some of the minor software offerings. Don't sell it, give it away. They need to get their software into people's hands. Keeping some of these things exclusive simply isn't an innovative or effective way to grow your brand in the shadow of Microsoft.

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