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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Firefox guys at Mozilla have released the 2nd beta for Firefox 3.1. "The public beta of Mozilla's first Web browser to incorporate a private browsing mode, is being made available to the general public today, although as before, the organization has yet to make it official." This build also includes the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, and for web content, it's enabled by default. If you want to enable it for XUL/chrome as well, go to about:config, search for 'jit' and set the XUL/chrome option to 'true'.
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RE[2]: Tab switching
by sj87 on Tue 9th Dec 2008 10:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Tab switching"
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"But "based on feedback from users" [release notes] they removed it in Beta2. Now it's back to moving linearly through the tab bar.
I preferred the new behaviour - which matches alt+tab. Guess I'll have to install Ctrl-Tab extension after all.

Not surprising, really - even if some people prefer the new behaviour, it has to be a fairly big improvement to win over the majority that don't like it when things change unexpectedly. And in this case, the majority doesn't seem to be convinced.

I myself hate it (the new style), since I can't really know in which order the tabs are going to be selected, so Ctrl+Tab switching then becomes slower to use for me.

It might be OK for a big number of randomly ordered tabs, but Firefox anyways already supports manual positioning, so I don't see anything good in it. If one needs to cycle between same two tabs, there always exists the Ctrl+Shift+Tab for backwards cycling.

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