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General Development Version 6 of the popular Perl programming language will not be compatible with previous versions, but will open up a new world of custom "languages" and interpreters, according to its founder Larry Wall. Wall and his co-developers are doing with Perl 6 -- starting again. "It will break backward compatibility [but] in order to simplify it we have to get rid of old cruft, particularly the regular expression cruft," Wall said. "A lot of the unreadability of Perl is related to the regular expression syntax " and we didn't do that, we got it from Unix. It needs to be end-of-lifed."
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"But they/you have been at it for 8 years, I was still a minor when people started talking about perl 6..."

How long is a complete language redesign and rewrite supposed to take? Python just did some syntax updates and minor tweaks for 3.0 and it took them 8 years. Parrot is a completely new VM with capabilities no VM has had before. Perl 6 is a ground up redesign of the language. They designed for 6 years before starting coding and now have been coding for 2 years with regular progress and working builds that you can download and use *right now*. They have a plan, a schedule on that plan and they've been making their milestones on that schedule. This is the antithesis of vaporware.

There are legitimate criticisms of Perl 6, none of yours are among them.

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