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Editorial Songbird is a new open-source music player that has this week landed at 1.0. Songbird is described as a "web player"- a music player for this modern, connected era. It blends the web-rendering core of Firefox (Gecko), with the media capabilities of GStreamer- a cross-platform, open-source media playback engine.
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Right click->Edit information for X tracks?

Maybe it could have been implented so you could edit that inside the very collection tree, but I don't see how that could have been done without adding clutter to the interface.

What really irks me about the interface is that the playlist is the centre of everything, instead of the collection. A playlist is a temporary thing, it changes constantly, and is only ever looked at while creating it or changing tracks. Why is that the centrepiece of the app?

If they swapped the "Collection" tree with the playlist, making the collection the centre of everything, then it would be simple to make the list editable. Just like any other file listing in Konq/Dolphin. No clutter required.

Then, the playlist is just a little thing off to the side, where it belongs.

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