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OS/2 and eComStation Serenity Systems announced the availability of eComStation 2.0 RC6a. eComStation is the next evolution of IBM OS/2 operating System. Between the updated for this new RC are Audio, ACPI drivers and improved version of the bundled applications.
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Does it work on Core2Duo Apple iMacs?
by Sabon on Tue 9th Dec 2008 16:50 UTC
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While our desktop computers were mostly DOS and Windows 3.1, I also used OS/2 1.3 for some things at work. It worked better than the other two at some things and I basically "put up with" all three.

The the beta for OS/2 2.0 came out. OH MY GAWD!!! Finally a computer operating system that showed signs of intelligent life did exist on Earth. Sorry, I never got to use an Amiga.

No other OS has thrilled and amazed me like OS/2 I could go on for hours about everything I liked about it (other than it's bland looks). Other operating systems have passed most (but not all) of what I loved about OS/2. None have every made me nearly as happy though.

Imagine having a computer when you had a program that ran a certain routine that took maybe 5 minutes with DOS or Windows 3.1 or even Windows '95. Then run the same 16 bit DOS or Windows program ON THE SAME HARDWARE with the same amount of RAM and it ran in less than 30 seconds.

This is no joke. And not only that, where I could only run one program in DOS or maybe ten programs in Windows 3.1 if everything went right, ON THE SAME HARDWARE I was able to easily run over 100 programs on OS/2.

This starts to give you an idea of what OS/2 was like for me. And those aren't exaggerations either.

This wasn't just work programs but also DOS games. They ran faster and better because you could manipulate the amount of memory that EACH DOS box got and you ended up with more available memory than you did with DOS all by itself. With more memory the program ran better so there were times when I could pick a higher resolution than I could in DOS.

You could also hook up as many modems at you had serial ports for and they would never loose their dial up connections even when using all of them at the same time while recalculating spreadsheets, running batch processes in the back ground, compiling a program in the background AND typing up a document, ALL at the same time.

No version of Windows or Mac OS X or any OS I've seen has ever been able to do this.

I stopped using OS/2 in the late '90s and I miss it. Why? Because I was tired of IBM saying it was dead. I was tired of tons of little things like straws on a camels back. It wasn't anything big. I use Macs now while still supporting Windows computers at work (hate them). While OS X is better (for me) than Windows it isn't what OS/2 was in its heyday.

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