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OSNews, Generic OSes Sometimes it seems that every new OS that comes out these days is ultimately and altogether quite similar. "It's all been done before," we sigh as new system after system is released with only eye-candy the apparent difference for most users. This new OS, named "g-speak" by its creators, will give one a run for his money. Using special gloves, a user of the system gestures his way about the OS on several wall-sized displays that interact with one another. The makers of g-speak call it "the first major step in [a] computer interface since 1984." Perhaps they are right. See the neat video here. You can even go so far as to dust off your Tom Cruise Minority Report action figure to better savor the future with.
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RE[2]: New UI not OS
by rajj on Tue 9th Dec 2008 20:50 UTC in reply to "RE: New UI not OS"
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What exactly is an object oriented file system supposed to be? Where you have abstracted containers with common methods to act upon them-- sort of like... files?

As far as their contents being application or document centric, that's really up to the applications and libraries used to access it. The file system proper doesn't --and shouldn't-- really come into play.

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