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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's time for another phone review. sent us the Nokia E71 for review. The E71 is a BlackBerry-style phone, with a full qwerty keyboard in a candybar form factor, meaning the E71 is direct competition for the phone we reviewed in October, the BlackBerry Bold 9000. Read on for our findings.
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Fast Ui
by lazar on Wed 10th Dec 2008 13:51 UTC
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I kinda grew up with Symbian, the E71 is my 4th phone of that kind. While Symbian phones evolved over the years in terms of features and capabilities - the phones' UI got slower and slower - especially my previous phone the E70 was horrible.

The E71 is very much a positive surprise to me - it is very mature both in terms of software and hardware and it's fast.

Keyboard feels good(my fingertips aren't thin!). Battery-time is clearly superior to N95 or E70. GPS-sensitivity is feels better than N95, ok for car-navigation, but gps-fix takes a long time in narrow streets.
Even VoIP over wifi is mature - in terms of connectivity, quality and energy efficiency - especially compared to E70.

Usually I am a smartphone-evangelist and used to convince friends and relatives to get a Symbian phone, but not this time - three people bought it before I had the chance to do so and knocked my door to help them set it up.

Taking all the applications I came to know and love over the years and installing them on the E71 - this phone fulfills all my needs.

useful apps:
Geocaching (with the builtin-gps) - GeocachingNavigator(Trimble), free
Dictionaries - SlovoED
Ebooks - Mobipocket Reader, free
SMB-Server - SymSMB (accessing phone more convenient than usb or bluetooth)
OpenStreetMapping - whereamI, free
nokia-maps - maps&browsing them is free, guidance needs subscription

With a maxim µSD-capacity of 8Gb you can load the entire wikipedia (2007, without pictures) as an ebook onto the phone and still have enough space for several other Gb of music, pictures, videoclips and maps.

-in order to engage autofocus you need to press "2" before taking a picture

Sorry - no touch UI ;-)

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