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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's time for another phone review. sent us the Nokia E71 for review. The E71 is a BlackBerry-style phone, with a full qwerty keyboard in a candybar form factor, meaning the E71 is direct competition for the phone we reviewed in October, the BlackBerry Bold 9000. Read on for our findings.
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Better Exchange Sync
by nicholasj on Wed 10th Dec 2008 14:59 UTC
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I've had my E71 for a few months now and find it brilliant. Great build quality, fast interface.

I recommend replacing the default theme as there are a bunch of better ones available on places like Deviantart.

Also, as mentioned in the article the bundled Nokia Mail for Exchange is a little underpowered (I can't get it to calendar sync, for instance).

Instead, check out Dataviz's Roadsync (Thanks to Joel Spolsky for the tip), it's 3rd Party and isn't free, but it's a beautiful piece of work for those who are unfortunately tethered to Exchange at the office.


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