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RISC OS And it seems as if another minor, barely-alive operating system will become encumbered by legal bickering between two small companies. The RISC OS scene, which is already a tangled and complicated mess of companies, version number teasing and incompatible versions, might be torn apart even further because RISCOS Ltd might take legal action trying to prevent RISC OS Open Ltd from releasing a RiscPC compatible ROM from the RISC OS 5 shared source project. Should you feel confused, you needn't worry: so does everyone else.
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by sbergman27 on Wed 10th Dec 2008 23:04 UTC
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Seeing such an already small community fall prey to legal bickering and infighting just makes me cringe

In my younger days, I was involved with a number of small volunteer organizations. I learned early that the serious bickering and infighting always started shortly after it was decided, for practical reasons, to open a bank account, and a checkbook appeared on the scene. These organizations were not large enough to have competing organizations to battle, however. So I guess this is a little different. All of our infighting was unambiguously internal.

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