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Google Google has released an early version of Native Client, a framework designed to run portable x86 binaries inside a web browser - in a sandbox. Native Client also includes technologies that allow for easier communication between JavaScript and Native Client executables, which makes it possible for web applications to leverage native code when it comes to processor intensive tasks. This sounds eerily similar to Microsoft's ActiveX - one of the biggest security failures of the Windows operating system. Google insists, however, that Native Client is much, much more secure.
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ARM? Why no one has mention it.
by iwod on Thu 11th Dec 2008 02:39 UTC
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Before anything else, Security, or usefulness,
Does NaCI runs on anything other then x86 is the most important question. Or will be it possible to run on other processors.

If it is x86 only then i will say it is a SERIOUS step backwards.

I could see the usefulness of Native Code. But being x86 only seriously hurt.

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