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RISC OS And it seems as if another minor, barely-alive operating system will become encumbered by legal bickering between two small companies. The RISC OS scene, which is already a tangled and complicated mess of companies, version number teasing and incompatible versions, might be torn apart even further because RISCOS Ltd might take legal action trying to prevent RISC OS Open Ltd from releasing a RiscPC compatible ROM from the RISC OS 5 shared source project. Should you feel confused, you needn't worry: so does everyone else.
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Maybe this is why they...
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 11th Dec 2008 10:03 UTC
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Maybe this is why they released that "virtually free" ROM image. To get some quick cash to be able to declare legal war on Castle.

This whole thing sounds retarded. I don't know either company (or the OS) that well, but I'm hoping for Castle to win this one (assuming RISC Ltd. continues on). If Castle *bought* the RISC OS code from Pace (who apparently RISC Ltd. did also), how the hell can RISC Ltd. complain about they do with it? They both own it, and both should be free to do whatever the hell they feel like. I don't think either one has something similar to the Intel/Microsoft duopoly, so what the hell are the bitching about?

RISC Ltd. is sounding like a bunch of arrogant assholes right now, kind of like another company I know all too well.

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