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Humor A teacher in Austin, TX reprimanded a student for demonstrating Linux to his classmates and distributing free Linux CDs. She then goes on to contact Ken Starks of the HeliOS Project, who provided the CDs, and claim that "putting Linux on these machines is holding our kids back" and "No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful". Although she claims to have used Linux herself in college, she feels that "putting on a carnival show for an operating system is not helping these children at all". On the HeliOS blog, Ken Starks hints that this may be more than just ignorance of the teacher's part.
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This teacher is probably best a reflection of the general public's awareness of Linux. With Microsoft, we've seen a barrage of evangelists, commercials, and advertisements. With the various distros of linux, you'll be lucky to ever see any of the above. Hence, the teacher making statements she believes to be true.

One of the bad things about linux is that it is it's own promoter. Only by word of mouth is it spread, and many linux users have their own flavor to gum up the mix. Somewhere down the line, the larger distributions are going to have to pitch together their funds to create their own advertising campaign. Only then, will we start seeing less and less of this teacher type who are generally clueless.

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