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Slackware, Slax Slackware, the grand daddy of Linux distributions, has released a new version: Slackware 12.2. This new version runs the version of the Linux kernel. The other updates include Xfce 4.4.3, KDE 3.5.10, HAL support etc. You can get Slackware 12.2 from one of their mirrors.
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I actually can't recall what my first distro was, and when I was just using Slackware for the first time (several versions ago, a few years back), I failed at getting the distro up and running past the command line. I managed to get a full GUI in most other distros I've tried. Anyway, right from the start, I appreciated Slackware's simplicity (from what I read about it), and have since learned to get past the command line and get a full-blown desktop.

Now, the only thing I'm not really used to (for the most part) is the package management. No central repository and no dependency checking. But the real thing that puzzles me is security updates; surely there's some proper method to apply the latest security updates... right? There's got to be a way other than waiting for a new version to come out and installing over (formatting) your previous / partition. And every OS probably should get security updates every once in a while, even those as robust as Slack itself and Linux in general.

Or is the best way to use Slackware to do just that: format and reinstall every time a new version comes out? I have personally used Zenwalk as a full-time distro at one point and have used KateOS for a few months, and have come to appreciate Slack's clean layout and simplicity. It's really just the package management and security updates that get me confused, which these two derived distros have covered.

So, long story short: What is the "proper" way to do security updates on a Slackware system?

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