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Google After just 100 days, Google has lifted the veil of betaness off its web browser, Chrome, by releasing version 1.0. When Chrome made its first public appearance earlier this year, it was met with positive reveiws due to its JavaScript performance, as well as its robust multithreaded model. Now that the beta label has been ripped off Chrome, Google can't hide itself anymore: Chrome will now have to take Firefox and Internet Explorer head-on.
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I really like the concept of Chrome, and it's always nice to have another open-source / another competitive browser in the browser "market".

I definitely see some potential benefits in its technology. I've also heard a lot of people discussing it; they seem to like it. I've been waiting to try it myself as well (for day-to-day browsing) because Chrome certainly looks very promising.

The only problem is that I can't actually install it, run it, or use it on my (Debian) computer.

It is very nice of Google to bring out their first release, but I really hoped (kind of expected) that they would have released some sort of (beta?) non-windows version by now as well.

Since i'm using Debian I feel a little bit "left in the cold". Wouldn't it be nice to have Chrome functioning on non-Microsoft Desktops as well?

Non-windows users have yet to receive their first beta builds, and those would be.. just beta releases :/ .

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