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Mono Project Build applications for Linux while maintaining cross-platform capabilities using .NET languages.
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But M$ in a very good position. Easier to port the existing Visual Basic, C++, Delphi code to .NET to Java. The .NET environment give a language-independent class library and give a common CLR to every language. There are COBOL, RPG, Python, Object Pascal, etc. implementation for .NET.

Try vb 6 to .net sometime, and tell me how easy it is ;-) but in general, your right. this is one of the coolest things about .net.

It is true, but the major reason: the java is NOT changed to API. No databindnigs, no client-side database cache, etc. Yes, there are some independent development, but there is not any only one widely accepted. With ADO.NET any company can develop data-bounded web controls, windows.forms controls or any external components.

Im not sure what you mean there. API stands for application programmers interface, and java has a better API then .net (or anything else ive ever used, its a cross platform os encapsulation). Data bindings and client side caching are very specific to the visual studio way of doing things, you are talking about VS code generation. And if you are going to tell me ASP offers more power to the developer then JSP, ill have to call bullshit. And say what you will about swing, its crime is over engineering, not under engineering. its power is staggering, unfortunately, so is the amount of code required to do anything (properly).

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