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In the News In Japan at ATR Computational Science Laboratories, the first thoughts in history were successfully read via a computer -- and not just by guessing or even educationally guessing. Scientists began by showing test subjects the six letters that spell "neuron." Afterwards, by measuring the subjects' brain activity, they were able to reconstruct the six images and display them on a monitor. The images were fuzzy, of course, but obviously spelled neuron. ATR said that it's very possible that one day this technology will be able to read our dreams.
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by Hussein on Fri 12th Dec 2008 22:16 UTC
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I'd rather die than have someone peeking into my brain!

Do they want to bring upon us an Orwellian nightmare?
George Orwell was right about 1984, except it might be 2014 or 2024, or whenever governments start installing mind readers!

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