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Windows I'm sure you're all still (sadly) familiar with the recent 'debate' I had with InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy, which detailed a lot of silly things. The seed of that discussion was planted with Kennedy's first article which, among other things, claimed that Windows 7 performed similarly to Windows Vista (meaning, slower than XP). Leaving the thread count discussion behind, Kennedy did include a benchmark which showed that Windows 7 performed similar to Windows Vista. There's a new benchmark out now, comparing a slightly more recent build of Windows 7 to Vista RTM/SP1 and XP SP3, and in these tests, Windows 7 blows all of those out of the water.
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RE[2]: My take
by chris_dk on Sat 13th Dec 2008 19:52 UTC in reply to "RE: My take"
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Windows 7 is also Pre-Beta as of now, so passing any definitive judgment (in any direction, for or against) is not very smart.

Do you really think that the Windows 7 beta will change much from now until january when it is supposed to come out?

I am so happy that for every day that goes by the choices of other OS'es are going up and the lock-in of Windows is getting smaller.

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