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PC-BSD An updated release of PC-BSD is out. From the changelog: "PC-BSD 0.8.1. Fixes many issues with boot-up after installation; fixed problems with Online Update Manager; updated UserManager; added Russian and Bulgarian support; activates hard disk swap space during installation for lower memory systems; slimmed down KDE 3.4.2 by removing games/graphics/PIM ports, which can be optionally installed via PBI." See also the release notes for further information. Download from here.
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To give themselves more control and to make things difficult for everyone else.

Don't be ignorant. PBI tries to make everything more accesible, and I can tell you that they've succeeded in doing so. A .pbi can simply be downloaded, double-clicked, and done. No need for difficult, unfamiliar package managers, command lines or whatever.

And you know what? You can still use ports on PC-BSD, because PC-BSD is still 100% compatible with FreeBSD.

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