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Windows I'm sure you're all still (sadly) familiar with the recent 'debate' I had with InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy, which detailed a lot of silly things. The seed of that discussion was planted with Kennedy's first article which, among other things, claimed that Windows 7 performed similarly to Windows Vista (meaning, slower than XP). Leaving the thread count discussion behind, Kennedy did include a benchmark which showed that Windows 7 performed similar to Windows Vista. There's a new benchmark out now, comparing a slightly more recent build of Windows 7 to Vista RTM/SP1 and XP SP3, and in these tests, Windows 7 blows all of those out of the water.
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RE[4]: system requirements
by centos_user on Sun 14th Dec 2008 16:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: system requirements"
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"You can absolutely slim redhat or ubuntu or centos down to fit into 1Gb but its going to be a pretty limited install. What, xfce or blackbox as your interface? abiword (if that...hope its more than nano or pico for word processing) for typing word documents, maybe opera for browsing? Good luck getting the average person to use the system.

Still doesn't make a bit of difference. Even if memory prices go back up, and they will, its not going to make a marked difference. You're still going to get $350 computers with 2Gb of memory. You're still going to get $600 computers with 4Gb of memory. Thats where the industry has moved to now. So again, who CARES if the default system needs 1Gb to have all the flash interfaces and features to run well...if ya got it. Use it"

You still don't get it, the Windows Vista aka Windows 7 rehash requires it to run. So memory goes sky high on prices and who cares? Well I guess history does not teach people lessons nor do good programming practices.

Basically you have proven my point to the statement of you can throw CPU & Memory at ANY poorly written Operating System and or Application.

My Centos workstation does not require 2 Gigs of ram to just 'run'. And I do not pay money for AV, Malware/Spyware infections and all of the other daily Windows joys. I use Centos/Fedora at work and home and several others do as well.

In case no one 'cares' electricity is fixing to get extremely expensive when Obama starts taxing coal burning power plants. WE will see who cares and how it is ok to have 4 Gigs to run a home computer. This will happen and the electricity prices will double if not triple when this goes into affect. It will be the same as what just brought the auto makers to the brink of bankruptcy. The powers at the top can make memory go to such extreme prices the same way they did with gasoline/diesel within the time span of less than 6 months. This blows the theory of a $400 pc with 2 gigs of ram to pieces.

Oil was targeted to lower your standard of living and next on the agenda with Obama is electricity don't believe read about carbon credits it is coming and it will be a shocker to the electronics industry. Big flat panel TV's to personal computers they are next in the scope of 'lowering your living standards' to be equal as in socialism...

Also as quoted by Obama, 'don't think it is OK to lower your thermostat to 72 degrees when others in the cannot do it'....

The demise of a free economy is going to be restructured and energy consuming electronics will brought down next. Also, datacenter co-locations prices will be sky-rocketing as well...

And this is all brought to us by the global warming farce in which the earth is actually cooling... Meanwhile people elected a socialist who will 'redistribute the wealth' to those who do not work. And selling out America to this global warming lies forcing Americans to lower their standards of living through taxing and telling people we do not use oil because it is evil...


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