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Windows I'm sure you're all still (sadly) familiar with the recent 'debate' I had with InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy, which detailed a lot of silly things. The seed of that discussion was planted with Kennedy's first article which, among other things, claimed that Windows 7 performed similarly to Windows Vista (meaning, slower than XP). Leaving the thread count discussion behind, Kennedy did include a benchmark which showed that Windows 7 performed similar to Windows Vista. There's a new benchmark out now, comparing a slightly more recent build of Windows 7 to Vista RTM/SP1 and XP SP3, and in these tests, Windows 7 blows all of those out of the water.
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RE[5]: system requirements
by centos_user on Sun 14th Dec 2008 16:41 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: system requirements"
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"Obama is on tape saying he would "necessarily" spike the cost of
electricty under his plan by "huge" increases in taxes on coal plants.

Those costs will get shifted to you and me, so that is a tax on over
50% of the people because over 50% of us get our electricity from coal-
fired plants. I live in FL where there are no coal mines. But there is
a coal fired plant 10 minutes away as the crow flies.

Companies that use electricity...that's all of them...will have to
raise their prices to make up their increased costs.

So EVERYONE is going to get a big bite out of his or her paycheck. So
when Obama tells you you're getting a tax cut, you'd better hold onto
your wallet.

You're going to be paying several hundred dollars more for your A/C
and for every product you buy. "

So be prepared and all of the Windows machines that require 2 Gigs to run and 'storage is cheap' we will see how this changes things.

It is coming, mod me down but this will be a fact.

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