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Opera Software "Opera Software today permanently removed the ad banner and licensing fee from its award-winning Web browser. The ad-free, full-featured Opera browser is now available for download, completely free of charge, here." This news got submitted a staggering 14 times, and as far as I know, that's a record.
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RE: money?
by mendicant on Tue 20th Sep 2005 15:37 UTC in reply to "money?"
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Not only does opera sell their browser to phone manufacturers to embed in their product as previously mentioned (and the number of phones it's embedded on has growing dramatically over the last few years) but it also has a few other revenue streams.

Most of them seem to come from systems like the embedded phone market. For example, they also sell the browser to cable companies so they can use the engine to render program schedules, etc. There has also been released (or soon to be released) a portable media player with the opera browser embedded inside of it. They've been working on a lot of multimedia integration for their browser as well.

For those of you worried that the desktop browser will suffer because of this, just remember, even though they don't charge for the desktop browser anymore, the core browser engine is still almost 100% of their business, whether on the desktop, mobile, cable box or other. And when you've got a browser that's as noticably efficient on cycles and memory as Opera's it seems to be the logical choice when you've got a low resource embedded system, and it doesn't look like that's going to be threatened in the immediate future. So don't worry too much about it, we're all going to have a killer browser for a long time to come (if you use it of course...) ;)

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