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Editorial states: "Microsoft (or a really smart ISV) should build a full application manager for Windows, similar to what most Linux distributions do today." Most Windows applications come with their own distinctive updating mechanism (much like Mac OS X), instead of having a centralised updating location like most Linux distributions offer. While it certainly wouldn't be harmful for Windows to gain such a feature - the question remains: isn't it time we rethink program installation and management altogether?
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I have personally intentionally always thought the windows management of updates was the most simple and ideal model.

I have never enjoyed the endless updates intermixing OS updates with applications on linux. The core of my experience is having a responsive OS, not upgrading from text_tool.0.0.1 to text_tool.0.0.2. When you mix application updates with operating system updates, all you really create is an unstable mess.

If you'd like to complicate it further, and linux offers this option, you can inter-mingle repositories of different status's like GA, beta, all intertwined. Apparently this is "Software freedom" - sounds more like software nightmare to me.

I do dislike how many applications in windows attempt their own update, or even worse try to slip in entirely new software packages (Safari, for quicktime users comes to mind) - but that is something I can control.

There are a core group of users, administrators, IT folk who like to run minimalistic systems. Sometimes I think the OS community assumes that we will run something new like linux, but if windows works for you (and it does for me), I would also like to keep that minimalistic, well controlled experience.

And no, I do not have vista installed. ;)

Have a great holiday season


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