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Amiga & AROS The first "point release" of the AROS distribution VmwAROS has been published, and it's available on its website. This version introduces a lot of changes and many new features that make it visually different from regular AROS build. Ken Lester's double state icons, for instance, make VmwAROS look more Amiga-like, and former Amiga users can also continue using their applications thanks to AmiBridge, a poweful scripting system which allows launching AmigaOS programs straight from AROS. A big effort has been made to enhance VmwAROS useability and user-friendlyness.
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Too late, or just in time.
by Earl Colby pottinger on Mon 15th Dec 2008 17:20 UTC
Earl Colby pottinger
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First, congrats to the team. For the first time in a very very long time I am considering downloading an AmigaOS image.

The main reason I left my beloved Amiga for BeOS and am now testing Haiku is all the infighting that got in the way of developing an open source version of AmigaOS.

Yes, I know BeOS is also closed source, but at the time of my move AmigaDos was going nowhere because of the different companies and private groups fighting over it and the related IP.

BeOS was a main leg up, and came with all sorts of example code, it took no time to get into it.

What gets me, is the Amiga groups had far more info about the internal structure of the Amiga than the BeOS => OpenBeOS => Haiku groups did for BeOS, and they had a chance for a major head start in time too!

Is it too late for them to see an expansion in users? I know why I will probably move on to Haiku, is there anything special (super useful) about the latest versions of AmigaDos to get me to move back?

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