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Mono Project Build applications for Linux while maintaining cross-platform capabilities using .NET languages.
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RE[5]: Costs of Mono
by Anonymous on Tue 20th Sep 2005 16:11 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Costs of Mono"
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Apple uses objective C And nobody else...
most linux apps are written in C++, these languages arent going anywhere
The M$ Visual Studio implements C++. And reportedly the C++ support is very good in the .NET 2.0.

but java has an *extremely* good reputation in the enterprise, microsoft has a very bad one that they are desperately trying to turn around
But IMHO the most of FOSS applications are not enterprise applications. And IMHO the linux is never will the main platform of the enterprise applications, it always will the playfield the *nix and IMHO in the near future the windows platforms.

would say its possible that this will change in the far future, i seriously doubt theres going to be major changes to the enterprise stack any time soon.

IMHO the M$ rich and motivated enought to develop .NET platform and the neccessary servers. They can buy the best developers, arcitecths. SUN is far less ritch then M$ and the profit of the SUN IMHO come from hardware and not from Java. M$ always have more money to develop .NET then SUN to develop Java.

why would you write a perl script on the .net vm?
Why would you write perl (or python, PHP, visualbasic) code at all ? I doesn't like perl, but there are many programmers who love it. In .NET you can develop your favorite language. Yes, VB.NET is more complex then VB6, but IMHO the VB coders will change to VB.NET and not to Java or C#. I like C++, Object Pascal and Java languages, my favorite is the C#. If anybody like the scripting languages (I hate this langs) he/she will use python, php, etc. But this languages they can use common class libraries, and calling Java, C++, etc classes from Python or Visual Basic or C#, etc is very easy. And IMHO it is a very strong thing, it can kill the other platforms.

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